Alpinia Group 🇸🇮


Embark on a journey with Alpinia Group and discover Bohinj’s wonders. Their accommodations in Triglav National Park cater to outdoor enthusiasts year-round. Choose from the renovated, amazing Hotel Bohinj, Apartments Triglav, or the tranquil lakeside haven of Tuba Apartments. Summer 2024 introduces a new addition to Alpinia Group: Vila Muhr, offering historic luxury. Excitingly, they anticipate the arrival of Hotel Zlatorog in the coming years, prioritizing wellness with 96 rooms. Throughout their activities, they uphold core values: social responsibility, sustainable development, networking, cooperation, and local innovation.


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:

    • Encourage green mobility
    • Improve visitor flow management


Discover more about Hotel Bohinj here.