Carniolan House (Saša Ladinek s.p.) 🇸🇮


The Carniolan House is situated in the serene village of Vrbnje, Upper Carniola. Here, amidst the tranquil surroundings, guests can escape the hustle of Bled and find true tranquility, yet remain close to all attractions. Ideal for families and friends on vacation, with the capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests, the Carniolan house is perfect for gatherings.
Saša and Aljaž, the owners of Carniolan House in Vrbnje in Upper Carniola as well as the 7 Flower Street Apartment in Šempeter pri Gorici are passionate about sustainability. That’s why they are thrilled to be part of the First Mile project, leading the change in tourism. From minimizing their environmental footprint to engaging with the local community, they are dedicated to making a positive impact and a more responsible approach to travel!

With the First Mile Project, they decided to:

    • Reduce single-use plastic
    • Improve waste management


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