Parco Alta Murgia 🇮🇹


The B&B Parco Alta Murgia, nestled among the hills of Puglia, enchants the spirits and nourishes the soul. In this sustainable refuge, guests can experience the authentic spirit of Puglia. The structure stands out for its authenticity and attention to detail. The rooms are tastefully furnished, offering typically Italian comfort and warmth. The panoramic view from the windows is simply enchanting, allowing guests to immerse themselves completely in the beauty of the surrounding nature. 

Drawing inspiration from the words of Domenico Rea, who described the beauty of the Puglian land as “a silent poetry, made of olive trees, sky, and sea,” the B&B promotes environmental sustainability with a lush organic garden, rainwater harvesting for irrigation, solar panels and a commitment to waste reduction and recycling. 

Certified with the CETS for its eco-sustainability, the B&B Parco Alta Murgia is committed to offering guests not only a comfortable, tranquil, and relaxing stay away from the bustle of everyday life, but also a responsible and conscious experience, in harmony with nature and respect for the surrounding environment. 


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:

    • Promote green mobility
    • Reduce water consumption


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