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Poli Arctici is a small specialized tour-operator based in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Poli Arctici was established in 1999 and specializes in trekking, skiing, snowmobile, and boat excursions throughout the archipelago during the summer and winter seasons. Additionally, they provide a wide range of logistical services and field support throughout Svalbard. 

There is a sense of freedom one feels working and exploring Svalbard’s vast wilderness. Your values adapt to the environment and measures to preserve it. Over the years, the team has built Poli Arctici to prioritize sharing these values with guests and working on minimizing the environmental footprint in such areas as reduction of single-plastic use, reduction of waste and saving electricity and water resources.


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:

    • Reduce single-use plastic waste


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