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Founded in 2010 by Christian Bruttel and Marcel Schütz, both at the time already passionate Polar Guides, Spitzbergen Reisen has developed from a “two-man operation” to a small company with 7 full-time employees.  

At Spitzbergen Reisen, they are proud of their small groups and personalized tours, oftentimes going far behind their guests’ expectations in hopes of sharing the unique island they are fortunate enough to call home. Being specialized in small groups also gives them the advantage of being able to quickly adapt to changes, either in weather, conditions in the terrain, or just the overall feeling of the guests. Having a pleasant and safe tour is their utmost important aim for all their guests. 

It all already starts in the planning stages, where they assist guests in finding their perfect Svalbard Experience. Be that a hike, snowmobile tour, ski tour, or a boat trip, they are happy to assist and find something for everyone, no matter the fitness or previous experience in Arctic environments. Their focus is the German-speaking market, as all their guides and staff are fluent in German, this is highly appreciated by guests, as language barriers can be avoided this way, creating an even more pleasant experience.  

They treat all their clients as guests, to create a more familiar atmosphere, and when out on tours all their guides aren’t shy to also share personal stories about their life and experiences on the island, far behind the standard guiding that one would expect. Most of their tours take guests far off the beaten tracks into the backcountry of Svalbard, to places so remote you can forget the rest of the world. They hope to continue their work and share the passion for the high Arctic with their future guests, and welcome old friends and new guests alike to Svalbard. 


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:

    • Promote sustainable mobility


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