Logos and other communication resources

Welcome to our resource hub for the First Mile Project! Here, you can find and download various materials to help you effectively communicate about the project. Please refer to the detailed guidelines provided below for proper usage of these resources. If you have any questions about how to use the logos or other materials, feel free to reach out to your local partner: AITR, OTL, Mimir, or Turizem Bohinj.

First Mile logos

First Mile logo with picture (png)
First Mile logo green (png)
First Mile logo with no background (png)

Click here to download them all.

European Union logos

Click here to download the EU logos in English.

Click here to download the EU logos in French.

Click here to download the EU logos in Italian.

Click here to download the EU logos in Norwegian.

Click here to download the EU logos in Slovenian.

How to use the logos properly?

When using the logos, please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure consistency and proper representation of EU funding:

  • Ensure that all logos are of a similar size and clearly visible.
  • The First Mile logo should always be accompanied by the EU logo.
  • Logos not related to the EU funding should be visually separated from the EU and First Mile logos. This can be done by ensuring there is enough space between them or by using a line to visually separate them.

Examples in practice

As mentioned in the guidelines, you must display the EU logo in all your communication activities and any equipment, supplies or major results funded by the EU through the First Mile project.

Here are some examples of what this can look like:

More resources to download

Click here to download pre-set combinations of First Mile and EU logos, like the one below.

Click here to download ready-made social media posts like the ones below.

Click here to download sign templates that comply with all communication guidelines. Easily personalize them in a photo editor or even in Word.

Social media tags

When communicating on Social Media about the First Mile project, don’t forget to identify the following pages and use the hashtags #FirstMileProject & #EUfunded

LinkedIn: First Mile Projectย  ย –ย  ย Facebook: First Mile Projectย  ย –ย  ย Instagram: @first_mile_project