Soteska Vintgar 🇸🇮

Soteska Vintgar d.o.o. is a minority-owned company by Turistično društvo Gorje, which deals with hospitality and traffic activities connected with Vintgar gorge, one of Slovenia’s most famous natural attractions. The company is located in the Gorje village, just 5 km from the picturesque lake Bled. Dedicated to reducing their impact on the environment, they have been diligently engaged in activities such as giving preferences to offer their visitors local souvenirs and gastronomic products. They also strive to minimize the carbon footprint associated with the means of transport visitors use to reach the Vintgar Gorge.

With the First Mile Project, they decided to:

    • Reduce single-use plastic


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©Soteska Vintgar

Nord Norsk Bilutleie AS 🇳🇴


Nord Norsk Bilutleie AS represents AVIS and Budget Car Rental, as well as Zipcar carsharing services in the Salten (Bodø) Region in Nordland, Norway. They are proud to be a part of the First Mile Project as a way of continuing their efforts to reduce carbon emissions from their fleet of cars and vans. By investing in customer behavioral insights, their aim is to ensure an even higher proportion of our customer choosing zero emission vehicles to rent from them. Their main focus through the EU funded project is to make driving, charging and renting EV’s less complicated for customers. Being ISO14001 certified, this initiative is well suited to help them fulfill their goals for sustainable tourism in their region. 


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:



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Domaine de Bilé 🇫🇷


The origin of Domaine de Bilé dates back to the construction of the Donjon de Bassoues, a typical bastide from the 14th century, with hillsides already covered in vineyards. Located in the Haut-Armagnac region, a land conducive to vine cultivation for centuries, every grape in this region is imbued with the concentrated essence of the sun, destined to reveal its aromas and flavors in every sip of Armagnac. They offer guest rooms, electric bike rentals, hiking trails, various activities, and a wide selection of local products ranging from wine to Armagnac and Floc de Gascogne.

With the First Mile project, they decided to:


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The Good Butler 🇫🇷


The Good Butler is a vacation rental management agency, located in Corsica, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio. With a carefully selected collection of properties, it offers travelers a diverse range of accommodations tailored to their preferences. Each property is handpicked for its exceptional quality, ensuring that guests receive top-notch hospitality and comfort. With easy-to-use booking features and personalized recommendations, The Good Butler simplifies the travel planning process. 


With the First Mile project, they decided to:  


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©The Good Butler

Moovert 🇫🇷


MooVert isn’t just a booking platform; it’s a movement toward a more sustainable and responsible approach to tourism. Its mission is clear: to guide travelers toward environmentally friendly accommodations, authentic destinations, and top-notch service and comfort. 

Through its unique rating system, MooVert evaluates each accommodation and service provider based on criteria such as eco-responsibility, authenticity, efforts in local development and heritage preservation, comfort, and services offered. This rating system, represented by 3, 4, or 5 pine cones, provides valuable insights to help travelers make informed choices about their travel experiences. 


With the First Mile project, they decided to:  


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