Skårungen 🇳🇴

Skårungen is located in Kabelvåg in the heart of Lofoten. They are much more than a hotel, they offer a quiet location with majestic views. In their restaurant, they have a warm atmosphere, and they are committed to minimizing their environmental footprint. They have been actively working to reduce food waste. By doing so, they wish to offer a better total service for their guests. 


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:

    • Reduce food waste


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Holmen Lofoten AS 🇳🇴


Holmen Lofoten is a small hotel / restaurant in one of the outermost islands of Lofoten, Moskenesøya. The resort is a cluster of traditional fishing village buildings combined with new built modern architecture.  

Many people lost their primal connection with nature, themselves and their human herd. Holmen Lofoten serves as a safe space where you can log off, reconnect and investigate our natural, mental and social roots and passions. They create the feeling of being home at the edge of the world. 

Family plays a key part in their story. Holmen Lofoten was created by Ingunn Rasmussen. A fisherman’s daughter, her family lived off the land and sea, fishing and foraging through the seasons. The children playing and working along the same quayside you see today. 


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:


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©Holmen Lofoten AS

Les Terrasses du Pont du Gard 🇫🇷


It is in the heart of a timeless atmosphere that the restaurant “Les Terrasses” invites guests to savor simple and flavorful cuisine specializing in local products. Built at the foot of the Pont du Gard in the 19th century, this former inn on the right bank of the Gardon River is truly a charming asset for the site. With a breathtaking view of one of the most beautiful monuments of the Roman Empire, the restaurant has undergone a minimalist and highly integrated contemporary rehabilitation. 


With the First Mile project, they decided to:  


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©Les Terrasses du Pont du Gard

Tradicija Avsenik 🇸🇮


Tradicija Avsenik is a mix of hospitality, tourism and music. They have been responsibly and respectfully offering guests an intertwining of Avsenik’s cultural heritage with the present. Avsenik Ensemble was and continues to be a staple of Slovenian national folk music.

The Avsenik Inn and Restaurant is known far and wide for its good, homemade, traditional cuisine. They offer à la carte dishes, business lunches and dinners, menus for private parties, lunches and dinners for large groups, daily and Sunday lunches, banquets alongside various events and weddings. The Inn offers well-appointed, spacious guest rooms equipped with solid wood furniture.


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:


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©Tradicija Avsenik

OuthereTour 🇮🇹


OuthereTour is a reality born from a small group of passionate people, who have been working for years in the field of education and sustainable tourism. Their mission is to promote sustainable tourism and stimulate the curiosity of young people and educate them through travel so that they embrace a lifestyle and correct civic behavior that is attentive and sensitive to environmental issues. 

In realizing their routes, so that they become meaningful and engaging experiences, they make use of tools such as play, discussion, observation, and interesting and exciting educational workshops. They choose their locations in protected areas, evocative of nature, historical landscape, and environmental history, and work tirelessly to offer a range of fun and exciting proposals that stimulate individual awareness and develop important social and cultural exchanges. 


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:


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Margaret Hôtel Chouleur 🇫🇷


Nestled in the heart of the historic center of Nîmes, just steps away from the Arènes and the Maison Carrée, the classified Monument Historique Margaret – Hôtel Chouleur offers a unique experience in an enchanting setting. This establishment welcomes its guests in a warm and timeless atmosphere, providing them with a luxurious and authentic retreat. With its 10 rooms and suites, each space is designed to offer them calm, softness, and comfort. Guests are also invited to immerse themselves in an exceptional culinary experience by discovering the gastronomic delights offered by Chef Georgiana Viou. ROUGE, the Michelin-starred restaurant, provides them with a refined gastronomic experience, while Gigi, the bistro with Mediterranean accents, invites them to savor a cuisine full of sunshine and flavors. 


With the First Mile project, they decided to:  


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©Margaret Hôtel Chouleur

Hotel Le Pré Galoffre 🇫🇷


The Hotel Le Pré Galoffre is ideally located at the crossroads of the Cévennes, the Camargue, and the garrigue of Nîmes. It offers its clientele the opportunity to discover Nîmes, a charming city located in the Gard region and dating back to the 6th century BC. In addition to its rich Gallo-Roman heritage and its famous festivals, guests can enjoy the numerous attractions of this destination. The Pré Galoffre is a Provençal farmhouse that offers 27 air-conditioned rooms, some with terraces, providing a relaxing environment after a day of exploring the region under the Southern sun. 


With the First Mile project, they decided to:  


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