Abyss Apartments 🇸🇮


Situated in the picturesque village of Soča within the Triglav National Park, Abyss Apartments provides guests with an immersive experience. Our well-appointed apartments and breathtaking property views ensure an authentic stay. A brief walk leads you to the majestic Soča River. Committed to eco-responsibility, we actively engage in initiatives, including informing guests about lesser-known, environmentally friendly paths.

With the First Mile Project, they decided to:

    • Encourage green mobility
    • Improve visitor flow management


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Alpinia Group 🇸🇮


Embark on a journey with Alpinia Group and discover Bohinj’s wonders. Their accommodations in Triglav National Park cater to outdoor enthusiasts year-round. Choose from the renovated, amazing Hotel Bohinj, Apartments Triglav, or the tranquil lakeside haven of Tuba Apartments. Summer 2024 introduces a new addition to Alpinia Group: Vila Muhr, offering historic luxury. Excitingly, they anticipate the arrival of Hotel Zlatorog in the coming years, prioritizing wellness with 96 rooms. Throughout their activities, they uphold core values: social responsibility, sustainable development, networking, cooperation, and local innovation.


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:


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Casa Bellavista 🇮🇹


A Bed and Breakfast, but in the English sense of the term, because Simonetta and Guido will welcome you by opening the doors of their home to those who want to know the lifestyle of a real Tuscan family. Guests can use all the common areas such as the library, the living rooms and the dining room, as well as the outdoor spaces such as the park, the orchard with a view of Cortona, the soccer field, the garden with hammocks, the swimming pool and the whirlpool. 

They generate the electricity they need thanks to solar panels, they produce their water with a purification system, they recycle and compost waste because this is their idea of ​​sustainable hospitality: “We are guests of a land that has welcomed us, this is our way of thanking her.”  It was also in this context that Casa Bellavista decided to start offering only vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Sustainability for them means respecting nature, preserving the environment and showing respect for all the animals around. Sustainability means buying fruits and vegetables straight from local farmers and occasionally taking our guests with them, strengthening mutual trust and enhancing the uniqueness of the territory.  Sustainability also means respecting all labor regulations and trying to create as welcoming a working environment as possible. 


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:


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Guarnerio Soc. Coop. 🇮🇹


Guarnerio is a cooperative company founded in 1982 and based in Udine, Italy. Their core business lies in cultural services. Since 2012, they have also expanded into Cultural and Sustainable Tourism, focusing particularly on managing and promoting cultural heritage.

In the tourism sector, Guarnerio has prioritized social structures, starting with the management of the Domus Augusta Hostel in Aquileia, a significant site for Roman archaeology. Their goal is to create a synergistic relationship between tourism, culture, and the territory, all with a focus on sustainability. They also collaborate with local authorities and prioritize development in internal areas.

Over the years,  Guarnerio has expanded its offerings, adding a hostel in San Vito al Tagliamento, the “Casa delle Giuggiole” guesthouse in Dogna, the Kantina hotel in Fusine Valromana, and most recently, Villa Serena in Lignano Sabbiadoro. Their aim is to provide a sustainable travel experience with an informal guest relationship, ultimately promoting the value of the territory. 


With the First Mile Project, they decided to:


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Ibis Nîmes Gare 🇫🇷


Ideally located facing the Nîmes SNCF train station, the Ibis Styles Nîmes Centre Gare is a 3-star hotel with 78 fully equipped rooms and contemporary design. Situated just a 5-minute walk from the historic heart of Nîmes, guests can explore the world’s best-preserved arenas, the Maison Carrée, the Tour Magne, museums, theaters, the cathedral, and more. 

Committed strongly to a sustainable development approach, the hotel holds the Green Key Label, the first sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodations and restaurants. Among other initiatives, the hotel implements various sustainability measures such as recycling, LED bulbs, locally sourced products, etc. 


With the First Mile project, they decided to:  


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Moovert 🇫🇷


MooVert isn’t just a booking platform; it’s a movement toward a more sustainable and responsible approach to tourism. Its mission is clear: to guide travelers toward environmentally friendly accommodations, authentic destinations, and top-notch service and comfort. 

Through its unique rating system, MooVert evaluates each accommodation and service provider based on criteria such as eco-responsibility, authenticity, efforts in local development and heritage preservation, comfort, and services offered. This rating system, represented by 3, 4, or 5 pine cones, provides valuable insights to help travelers make informed choices about their travel experiences. 


With the First Mile project, they decided to:  


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Camping Pian Del Fosse  🇫🇷


Located in the hinterland of Bonifacio, Camping Pian del Fosse is one of Corsica’s first eco-labeled establishments, offering 90 pitches and 17 rental accommodations. Spread over a 4.5-hectare park, it boasts a natural setting with pine woods, a century-old olive grove, and playgrounds. The individual spaces, generous and shaded at 70%, are designed to provide calm and relaxation for campers. Managed by a family, the campsite has a long history of environmental preservation, promoting biodiversity through natural maintenance methods. Over the years, it has evolved into a diversified holiday destination, welcoming visitors of different nationalities. 


With the First Mile project, they decided to:  


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